Truffle experience

Truffle experience For Everyday

We will have a day trip through the woods north of Rome, hunting truffles with the help of trained dogs,we will pass through areas rich in history of outstanding natural beauty. After the trip we will go to have lunch at a beautiful location, we will learn how to cook truffles dishes and we will eat them for lunch with a very good wine.

A day trip through the woods north of Rome

 We will meet at at Bracciano station. (Bracciano is a little town located at 40 km in the north part of Rome). I will pick you up at the station

 I will take you with me to the wood where with the help of my trained dogs we will do truffle hunting. The truffle hunting will last 2 hours.

After that we will go to my house and you will enjoy a delicious lunch all based on fresh truffle dishes.

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